PilateMax™ Pilate Exercise bar

PilateMax™- Full Body Workout helps you to achieve the body what you want, with this you can work all zones of your body, like legs, abs, arms, shoulders and whatever you want, so your days will be happier.

This multi-function Pilate bar set with elastic bands works perfectly with anyone so you can get a fit body, lose a few pounds, or define your body in a few days and you can train at home.

HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS : Kit includes 1.5" in diameter removable Pilates bar with two 30 inch Resistance band power cords and attached Foot Loops.Pilates bar is constructed of high quality steel wrapped with a soft foam grip for comfort.the resistance band is made of high-quality latex, eco-friendly, no smell and it has strong durability and excellent resilience, not easily deformed.
  • PORTABLE PILATES BAR KIT : Portable design,The fitness stick is designed in sections for easy carrying. It can be used at home, in the gym or at your office. You can also take it when you travel.
  • FULL BODY WORKOUT SET : Build Muscle,lose weight and tone your arms, abs, legs and glutes while also getting cardio in. It incorporates movements you're used to - like squats, bench press, curls and rowing - with heavy duty resistance cords for added benefits.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATED DESIGN : You can do various training actions, can replace a barbell to exercise back and arm muscles, can replace a pull rope to exercise leg muscles, can exercise waist and abdomen by waist twisting actions. We provide instructions, including exercise guide, helps to break down the key Pilates bar moves before you get started.

The Pilates Bar Kit includes everything needed to perform a variety of reformer-style movements to get leaner looking thighs, firmer, tighter buns and a sleek, well-defined core.